Empowering clinicians to provide injured workers with effective and adaptive return to work options. Please follow the link below to trial our prototype assessment software, currently in development.

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Injury, Work Status, and Treatments Sections
Contains information about the employee’s injury diagnosis, how to care for the injury, any clinical follow up needed, and when an employee may return to work and under what conditions, e.g. hours per day, maximum weight to be lifted, etc.

This is a list of movements that are restricted, including time limits for how long a movement can be continued.

Tasks You May Be Able to Do
From 2012 through 2014, ergonomic data for over 150 unique farm tasks was collected by occupational and physical therapists on farms and at implement dealers in Wisconsin and eastern Minnesota.

Limitations entered into the assessment by clinicians are compared to task data, and a list of tasks an injured employee may be able to do, and for how long, are displayed.